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The Broward Community Schools Guide to Resume Basics

The Broward Community Schools Guide to Resume Basics

The job market has never been hotter, and with many people looking to enter or shift positions in the workforce, Broward Community Schools has put together a handy guide on the basics of creating a resume to get you where you need to go. Whether you’re applying for a job or looking for adult education classes, everyone needs a resume. Read on to learn the tricks of the trade.

Experience is Everything

The best way to start the resume crafting process is to make a chronological list of your work experience. Under each job, list the dates you first started and ended working there along with a list of your responsibilities.Broward Community Schools

If you don’t have much career experience yet, consider also listing your education in a separate section. This can include high schools, trade schools, GED programs, or colleges where you have studied and earned a graduation certificate or diploma.

Special Skills

Once you have a list of the positions you’ve worked in, make another list of each of the skills you used while working there. This can include general workplace skills, such as the ability to work calmly under deadlines or a team-player attitude, as well as career-specific skills such as using power tools, drawing blood, or auto repair.

Who You Know

The final component of a solid resume is a set of two to four references to whom prospective employers can speak to learn about your performance at specific jobs. Consider who may have been the most impactful managers across your career history. Who can accurately and positively speak to your work? If you’re coming from school, perhaps you had a teacher for math or English class who can testify to your work ethic.

Make a list of each of these people and reach out to them with an email or phone call asking their permission to list them as a reference and, if so, which contact information they’d like to use.

Call Broward Community Schools Today for more Career Help

The final step is to get a friend, family member, or career counselor to look over your resume to check for anything you might have missed. If you’re concerned that you’re still missing something or that you don’t have enough experience to make you competitive, give Broward Community Schools a call to speak with our counselors and learn about our exciting roster of online classes.