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Utilizing the Three Basic Learning Styles for Success with ESOL Classes

Taking ESOL classes can sometimes feel intimidating. Despite this, there are numerous ways that students can approach their education to maximize their benefit.

There are three basic learning styles that can be applied to any skill or subject, including ESOL, GED, and more. These approaches are as follows:

  1. Visual – Having to do with seeing and observing
  2. Auditory – Having to do with hearing and listening
  3. Kinesthetic – Having to do with touch and physical interaction

Every person has a style that they use best, but everyone can benefit from understanding each approach, as it often leads to more comprehensive learning.

Visual Learning for Success in ESOL

A visual learning style involves observation and study through reading. Many visual learners find success by color-coding their notes with a highlighter or marker, as the visual association to the color can help reinforce your memory about a specific note.

Visual learners can also become easily distracted by visual stimuli, so it is advisable to sit away from windows or keep your phone off during adult education classes or times of study.

Auditory Learning for Success in ESOL

Most classical education is built on auditory learning through means like lectures. Auditory learners learn best by hearing and speaking. For this reason, it can be recommended that they read study materials out loud or engage in discussion-driven study groups at our schools in Fort Lauderdale.

Kinesthetic Learning for Success in ESOL

Kinesthetic learners can be described as hands-on. They learn best through demonstration and can often have a physical sense memory that reinforces learning.

For best results, kinesthetic learners might consider studying at a standing desk or jogging while listening to recorded lectures. It can also be recommended to seek out a teacher who believes in demonstration and will be able to accommodate a kinesthetic student’s learning style.

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